Greetings & About.

“I would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the elders past, present, and future of the Gadabunad people, who are the traditional custodians of this land, where my creations are birthed.

I would also like to welcome the spirits of those who have been here before us, those who hold the stories of this place & who protect and nurture the energies here.

I welcome the ancestors of my bloodlines, those who have gone before me, whose spirits dwell within me, without whom I would not be….” 

With Water, Fire, Air & Earth…….welcome to my world of natural textile creations.

‘Wildflower Creations’ clothing & accessories are hand made by Fiona, as she works in a design room powered by the sun during the day, creatively flowing with the Moons Cycles, supported by the Earths Energy, frequency, and vibrations. Guided by the fibres with the forces of our Universe, & assisted by Australian Bush Flower essences as I tap in and conjure fibres into conscious, healthy, artistic wearables for you to cherish until the day its worn too thin & placed back to the Earth.

Materials of Natural Fibre, Wet/Dry felting, Silk painting, Natural Crystal, Colour Therapy, introduced ‘Wild Feral’ Skins & furs. All skins are from registered hunters, meat suppliers, or feral eradication projects, honouring the animal, making full use, with no waste.

Raised in the bushland of the Lower Blue Mountains of NSW,….a career in the fashion industry in Sydney, and now living & creating surrounded by supplies in the beautiful Otways VIC, in the village of Deans Marsh.

Collaborating & celebrating natural Goddess expression with Camille Walsh  & for professional images.

Much gratitude & much love…..Blessings to you.


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