Greetings & About.

“I would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the elders past, present, and future of the Dharug and Gundungarra people, who are the traditional custodians of this land, where my creations are birthed.

I would also like to welcome the spirits of those who have been here before us, those who hold the stories of this place & who protect and nurture the energies here.

I welcome the ancestors of my bloodlines, those who have gone before me, whose spirits dwell within me, without whom I would not be….” 

With Water, Fire, Air & Earth…….welcome to my world of natural textile creations.

Inspired & driven by the energies & vibrations of our beautiful Planet Earth & our ever expansive universe to express what I see around me into wearable forms using the vibrations of Natural Fibres, Natural Crystals, Colour Therapy, Wild Feral introduced Skins & furs. My skins are from meat suppliers, or feral eradication projects, honouring the animal, making full use, with no waste.

I was raised in the Lower Blue Mountains of NSW, back then it was very open bushland with minimal  ‘new development’ …….a small community & lots of bush play wonderland & fairies. Holiday camping adventures every year with Mum & Dad also sharing a deep love & respect for the Land, Native animals & conservation …….Locally schooled, TAFE for 3 years; Fashion Technology finishing at East Sydney TAFE, where I did a workshop in Silk Painting, sewing furs & skins,…..I fell in love with the natural fibres & art to wear. Lived in Sydney, working for small scale design rooms, to the full computerised systems for mass production garment manufacturing, witnessing big changes as production moved off shore which lead to me feeling un- fulfilled…..1998-2004 I created my label, hand painting Native Flower designs on silks to wear. I re-connected to my passion & my true self….. craving for nature, I would hang out at the beach, native plant nurseries, & coastal bush while living in Sydney city.

Since then, I was Spirit guided to connect with my darling Soul Mate Sion, Married, changed career into a Fashionable Food business, we had a baby girl, moved back to my birth place with my little family to care for my ageing Mum, found felting that blends beautiful with my silks & now my Creative Essence is bubbling over!!! Collaborating & celebrating natural Goddess expression with Camille Walsh for all professional images.

‘Wildflower Creations’ clothing & accessories are all individually hand made by me, as I work in a design room powered by the sun during the day,  creatively flowing with the Moons Cycles, supported by the Earths energies, guided by the planets of our Universe, & emotionally assisted by bush flower essences as I   journey.

Much gratitude & much love…..Blessings to you.


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