10: Becoming one; Gloves, felt Moss, LED lighting & silk Waterfall.





Riding along on the forces of the “Death Adder” keeping patient….. focused on my methodical plan, stitching it all while flat first so it can fit under the machine. Layout on the table for the left & right to keep it clear, what is going where…… A plug to connect the lights to the power source, so battery packs can be removed.

So grateful.….I had a wonderfull friend…a Wizard…. solder the wires for me…..owe him a big favour!! He said he’ll teach this skill to me later……. as right now I need to get these completed, without burning a hole in anything. the Moons energy is perfect for this complicated item…… Pumping up to full Moon.

Stitching the moss to the gloves over the pockets….I have put the wooden template inside while I sew as to not put any pressure on wires or plastic battery cases.

Mighty Adder planning wiring


Plugs & Needles…… Using the correct needle is essential for success. Knitted fabrics need a ball point needle, I change needles so often I get confused so out comes my trusty pocket microscope for a closer inspection to get it right.

This plug is for car electronics (learnt that) & UGLY. This will need to be outside of the moss as it’s bulky & you need clear access to unplug. With all scraps kept from the hand painted lycra, I made some tiny sleeves to cover them so they blend into the glove to be camouflaged.

ball pointhide plug plug sock


Stitching the felt moss with single sided zip foot again, over the lycra glove pockets with wood template inside, bending the wire coils as I go, careful not to stitch over wire or cables…….. I stretch the lycra to get a snug fit against the sides. This has to be firm on the upper arm of the glove.

moss to glove 1 moss to glove 2 moss to glove 3


Planning the full length Glove……I’ve had this design concept in my head for a while…….so t’s good to get it down on paper to free up some brain space. These will only have a thumb…like a mitten & be stitched from the right side as I can not turn the glove through, the big seam allowance will be cut as fringing.

The extension Stitched to the finger section…..is a long bias cut, hand painted silk, bendy soft spike, continuing from the hand to add visual length & balance. I have seen onstage the use of sticks to extend the arms…..but i wanted something soft & bendy to keep with the flow of the waterfalls for a finishing touch.  Plus….. not to be dangerous, no one want to be poked in the eye with a stick!!!!!

glove plan talan plan


Making the shape on the hand, pinning & sewing left & right into the glove. Stitching around fingers & cutting away excess fabric at fingers to allow for the silk extension.


1 thumb 2 thunmb thumb on


Boning…..I work with natural fibres only & aim at all trims to be organic……I did research Willow branches, Bamboo stalks, Cane…….but I needed to be confident that it would not snap during transit/freighting, or in a parade as it’s being worn, or hung in an exhibition. I will research more into an organic version, even spring metal for future projects.

I cut the boning curved at the ends & taped with electrical tape to soften them, cut a long strip down the selvedge for a casing, folded it & stitched it onto a long triangle of cotton wadding. It will be skinny at the tip & full at the finger/hand end.

tape boning boning casing stitch boning


This silk fabric was hand painted with streaks of yellow & green on the diagonal, specifically for this section way back when all the silk was framed up to paint the waterfall.  So the dye matches exactly to the Cotton lycra  gloves. Stretched as I’ve sewn & double stitched for strength. The wadding wrapped around the boning evenly & softly….filling the tube of bias silk to a soft (safe) point at the end & wide & full at the other to go over the knuckles of the hand.


dble stitch  stuffstuffed


Checking the fit over the hand stretching it to it’s maximum & pinning in place with the boning under the hand to support the length like a lever. I searched the house for a shape to go inside while I stitched it….a bottle!!!! YES!!!! PERFECT!!!! Cut away any excess wadding to fit the top of the hand inside & hand stitched it to the glove.

2 silk talan1 stitch talan stitch talan 3


Gathering stitches, changing needle back to a sharp…… this is best done in two parallel lines, then pulling the bobbin threads evenly from both ends. This helps to control an even gather when attaching to a band or a bind. it has to look beautiful from both sides, so all the raw edges are encased in the bind.

Cutting the rouleau ribbons so all the lengths are varied as they hang down from the seam points of the waterfalls to distract from the french seams.

gatherbind gathercut reulau



Stitching the glove together, changing back to a ball point needle…..stretching as I’m sewing so when the glove is pulled on the stitches will not break. Change back to a point needle & stitch on the waterfalls at the seam points with the 2 x bias rouleau ribbon. Cutting all the excess cotton lycra seam allowance into a fringe…..love knits….they don’t fray!!!


attach to glove stitch glove cut waterfall glove




The glove is completed, stitching some green glittery crystal beads to the ends of the green rouleau ribbons for some glistening when the LED lighting reflects off them, like water dripping off the end of a vine…………….Also hand stitched a swivel holder onto the palm of the glove for an LED light to shine under the long leaf off the hand, this can then be manoeuvred into different positions. Looking like fire flies at night……..


light swivelLED fire flies LED silk


COMPLETED WATERFALL: The left image (front View). The right image (back view).

These are cropped professional images to show the waterfall wings in full length, Images by the talented & beautiful  camillewalshphotography.com.au 

front veiw back veiw











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