12: Photo Session.

To day is the day 20/01/16…….. when I see the vision I hold in my minds eye...a really HOT day too, even up in Wentworthfalls it was 36 degC………… the five pieces as a whole…… together in the flesh……. on a model. Haven’t slept much as there are always last minute details to do…….For  Common Threads Wearable Art competition, the first process is ‘on-line pre-selection’  with 4 images. Front, Back, Side & a close up.  That is our mission today!! These pics below are all off my iPhone, to show behind the scenes…..

Camille Walsh ……. is photographing my piece in a local creative friends, gorgeous self built space at the back of his house. As camille said, “keep it local”, It reminded me to stay connected to place & appreciate what we have in our community, a hub of creative peeps, supporting each other.

A simple back drop of white paper & a white sheet on the floor……..Camille will work her magic in the finished images to make it look seamless……

shoot space set up back 2

Natural day light is the best as I have entered into the “colour” category of the competition. With very high & wide windows on the right Camille balanced it out with some powerful spot lights on the left.  I met Grace, our model, today for the first time. What a gorgeous, intelligent girl …. & no complaining that it was HOT wearing this in 36deg heat…..cool as a cucumber, beautiful as a Nature Goddess. ❤️


back close up

With the session complete, a bottle of wine gifted to our host…. a trip to a stream for a cool off was desperately needed, to breathe some green, cool & let go……..

I love the bush, connecting, knowing we are one, taking note of what catches my eye……what messages are coming through. The colours, the textures…….& finding fern love hearts.

ferns heart texture

Cooling our feet in the waters, washing away the pressures of the day, feeling the pebbles underfoot, like a reflexology massage….bliss.

cooling water flowing hot feet


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