2. Cutting/Sewing Waterfall Wings.

The silk satin has been washed & ironed, the soy wax is so beautiful…it washes out in the hot water & also irons out onto paper during this process. Cutting the pattern out to reveal the spiral forms.

cut spiral cut spiral 2 spiral cut


As the Waterfall wings will be viewed from the front & back, french seams are a must….my favourite seam. Colour matching threads as I sew for invisibility.

french seam sew 1 stitch colours


Hand cut & pressed bias binding, for single sew, encasing all the raw edges of the spiral hem. Starting with the brown hand painted silk to match, blending into the dark green.

hand cut bind iron bind sew bind


The finished bias bind contours beautifully around tight curves adding to the flow…… … Selecting the “River” card today from Laura Bowen’s Dream Time deck was spot on…I find meditating & doing card readings can bring fantastic insight into my creative process. I really had to go with the flow of many aspects of this silk piece, &choose the path of least resistance.

Refer to post 10: “Becoming one”  to show you how this fun piece is attached to the full length gloves. I’m also adding LED lights into the twisted vines, with the moss on the upper arms of the gloves………to shine through the silk, like glow worms over water………….the LED lights will be supported by wire so they can be angled: 3 x shine behind the silk. 1 x down under the long sheath from the fingers, & 1 x both gloves shining down the dress & 1 x standing tall to shine onto the Crown. Not only will it illuminate……but it will make some crazy shadows like in the bush at night………..

finish bind river card


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