2: Waratah Crown

This Crown is the 1st of a series I am creating.I actually made this Crown back in November 2015 for a Wearable Art Show at Wentworthfalls school.

There is something magical about a Crown, 👑 circling the head rather than capping it……allowing your Crown chakra to be open while still wearing a head piece, I am also seeing crystals……plus one for the third eye chakra.

There is magic in the Waratah (Aboriginal word: Red flowering tree). This one is growing in my neighbours garden, he told me it was on his block when he built the house 50yrs ago……the bush is huge & stunning with many blooms.

Waratahs grow from a modified stem called a ‘lignotuber,’ which allows the plant to produce masses of shoots after bush fires, I love that about Australian plants…..lots of them need a fire cleans to regenerate & flourish.


The Red Waratah is a powerful energy for a head piece. The essence of courage with tenacity, being adaptable with strong faith in a positive outcome on your chosen path, plus enhancing your instinctual survival skills. The indigenous Australian peoples used this flower essence to strengthen children or cure them from disease. A powerful remedy and a powerful symbol.

Meditating on the flower, disappearing into the depth of it…it’s many tiny florets make up the whole bloom, opening from the base to the top & being protected by some red leaves at the base.


Laying out4 layers of the stunning marino wool deep red colour variations, creating darker depth in the petal shapes. My pattern has 35% shrinkage added…the middle pic: I’m checking it back to the base pattern. The buds are rolled like dreadlocks with wire inside to keep them standing.

1st shrink pieces

The sections are shaped on a hat block while still wet & pegged to hold the shape till dry. Machine & hand sewn into place around the circumference. Testing the fit around the head…& wrap hanging a raw Amethyst crystal over the brow chakra, with two double point clear quartz either side.


shaping stemsfinished


Green glass beads & Clear Quartz chip Crystals are hand stitched into the centre buds to hold them in a Circle over the crown chakra. I had been ‘seeing’ dreaming & ‘knowing that these crystals needed to happen………  The beautiful Goddess Grace at the photo shoot, Lincoln Rock Wentworthfalls, Blue mountains.   The Crown is complete. ❤️

beading grace split pic

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