13: Congratulations! Now Boxing it……

Hooray.…..I was notified with an e-mail on 10/02/16 from Common Threads Arts Festival Officer, Barb Thoms……..excerpt below……

“Congratulations and well done!!

As you know, our pre-selection judging was on Monday and after much consideration, conversation and contemplation – the judges have made their decisions as to which garments go through to the judging day on March 12.  And yours is one of them, and yes, you should be feeling very proud of yourself.”

What a relief……..

Now…..freight it to the other side of Australia.………  pack it into a box, with instructions for the closed judging & photo session before March 8th.  Using paper for the stuffing…….Everything is packed to place making sure nothing (hopefully) does not move……..The silk will require ironing before dressing the model, the rest is crush free……

1. watermark front       1 watermark bk-imp

1 pack 2 pack 3 pack

4 pack 5 pack 6 pack

7 pack 8 pack 9 pack

Taped up & ready to go..….with “Air,Road Express” I selected this company as they only handle National freight, was a good price & experienced at fragile packages with easy on-line tracking.

The pic on the right……Landed safely in Perth for the Common Threads Wearable Art judging.

Breathe……………..in the left nostril & out the right……then swap it over.

10 packed delivered


12: Photo Session.

To day is the day 20/01/16…….. when I see the vision I hold in my minds eye...a really HOT day too, even up in Wentworthfalls it was 36 degC………… the five pieces as a whole…… together in the flesh……. on a model. Haven’t slept much as there are always last minute details to do…….For  Common Threads Wearable Art competition, the first process is ‘on-line pre-selection’  with 4 images. Front, Back, Side & a close up.  That is our mission today!! These pics below are all off my iPhone, to show behind the scenes…..

Camille Walsh ……. is photographing my piece in a local creative friends, gorgeous self built space at the back of his house. As camille said, “keep it local”, It reminded me to stay connected to place & appreciate what we have in our community, a hub of creative peeps, supporting each other.

A simple back drop of white paper & a white sheet on the floor……..Camille will work her magic in the finished images to make it look seamless……

shoot space set up back 2

Natural day light is the best as I have entered into the “colour” category of the competition. With very high & wide windows on the right Camille balanced it out with some powerful spot lights on the left.  I met Grace, our model, today for the first time. What a gorgeous, intelligent girl …. & no complaining that it was HOT wearing this in 36deg heat…..cool as a cucumber, beautiful as a Nature Goddess. ❤️


back close up

With the session complete, a bottle of wine gifted to our host…. a trip to a stream for a cool off was desperately needed, to breathe some green, cool & let go……..

I love the bush, connecting, knowing we are one, taking note of what catches my eye……what messages are coming through. The colours, the textures…….& finding fern love hearts.

ferns heart texture

Cooling our feet in the waters, washing away the pressures of the day, feeling the pebbles underfoot, like a reflexology massage….bliss.

cooling water flowing hot feet


3: Gloves & waterfall silk.

The Gloves hold the waterfall with the fibonacci spiralling at the base.  I am in awe of this mathematical equation that is found in nature, from Shells to Seed heads, the Milky Way, an Ocean Wave. a cyclone a Pine Cone…….  With this stitched together in three panels it will float & fan out when walking forward.

fibonacci seeds fibonacci spiral

With these 3 spiral panels stitched together, connecting together……….it will float & fan out when walking forward. We are connected to everything else.

I create a pattern piece with the spiral, place it on the silk, I can fit two panels on one 2.5mtr length of silk with next to no wastage….any scraps I keep, everything is needed.

Learn how to see


Starting work outside…….it’s 11:11am when I check the time……a magical repeating number sequence for me & many others on a guided path, I stop & listen……..  Pin to my frame & using soy wax with an organic tool called a Djanting, I freehand draw my design on to the silk, going with the flow of the wax.

Also making sure that I drink my juice the hipster jar with lid & straw……..not paint with it. the colour of beetroot is strong! ❤️

thumb_IMG_9332_1024 thumb_IMG_9337_1024 thumb_IMG_9338_1024


I’ve done a watery mix for this silk dye, as I want the colours to be soft & really swish around with the revisit salts to crate that watery effect splashing down onto the Earth spirals.


thumb_IMG_9325_1024 thumb_IMG_9329_1024 thumb_IMG_9375_1024


The cotton used for the gloves was a hem off cut from a long dress that I chopped off 20yrs ago …..CRAZYYYYYY…….. but I just new that I would use that for something special……..100% thick cotton knits are a keeper. This was painted with the same dye lots to match the waterfall.

After fixing the dye to the silk with a steaming technique, I cut & stitch the silk together, exciting to see it meld into one panel. Felted some moss, & stitched these pieces on around the base of the waterfall.

thumb_IMG_9331_1024sewing   thumb_IMG_9498_1024


The finished result…….after walking around with them & stitched it together at centre back, this kept the piece flowing straight, with out twisting & separating…….

thumb_IMG_9427_1024 thumb_IMG_9425_1024

Photo session by Camille Walsh with the wings being lifted by the most beautiful breeze. 💫❤️ 💫

IMG_7635 reduce-imp