3: Gloves & waterfall silk.

The Gloves hold the waterfall with the fibonacci spiralling at the base.  I am in awe of this mathematical equation that is found in nature, from Shells to Seed heads, the Milky Way, an Ocean Wave. a cyclone a Pine Cone…….  With this stitched together in three panels it will float & fan out when walking forward.

fibonacci seeds fibonacci spiral

With these 3 spiral panels stitched together, connecting together……….it will float & fan out when walking forward. We are connected to everything else.

I create a pattern piece with the spiral, place it on the silk, I can fit two panels on one 2.5mtr length of silk with next to no wastage….any scraps I keep, everything is needed.

Learn how to see


Starting work outside…….it’s 11:11am when I check the time……a magical repeating number sequence for me & many others on a guided path, I stop & listen……..  Pin to my frame & using soy wax with an organic tool called a Djanting, I freehand draw my design on to the silk, going with the flow of the wax.

Also making sure that I drink my juice the hipster jar with lid & straw……..not paint with it. the colour of beetroot is strong! ❤️

thumb_IMG_9332_1024 thumb_IMG_9337_1024 thumb_IMG_9338_1024


I’ve done a watery mix for this silk dye, as I want the colours to be soft & really swish around with the revisit salts to crate that watery effect splashing down onto the Earth spirals.


thumb_IMG_9325_1024 thumb_IMG_9329_1024 thumb_IMG_9375_1024


The cotton used for the gloves was a hem off cut from a long dress that I chopped off 20yrs ago …..CRAZYYYYYY…….. but I just new that I would use that for something special……..100% thick cotton knits are a keeper. This was painted with the same dye lots to match the waterfall.

After fixing the dye to the silk with a steaming technique, I cut & stitch the silk together, exciting to see it meld into one panel. Felted some moss, & stitched these pieces on around the base of the waterfall.

thumb_IMG_9331_1024sewing   thumb_IMG_9498_1024


The finished result…….after walking around with them & stitched it together at centre back, this kept the piece flowing straight, with out twisting & separating…….

thumb_IMG_9427_1024 thumb_IMG_9425_1024

Photo session by Camille Walsh with the wings being lifted by the most beautiful breeze. 💫❤️ 💫

IMG_7635 reduce-imp

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