3. Pattern Work: Dress Trunk.

Drafting a basic block to fit a size 8-10 model Bust-88cm Waist-69cm Hip-95cm…..plus as my design is long & flowing from the arms, a 170-175cm tall model would be fab! A close fit required as this is a halter design. I just love how this shape shows of the shoulders & flatters the bust….& being a practical Capricorn….felt….well it can be warm to wear. Darts for extra close fit into armhole & neck lines. Plus this makes the side front bodice ‘wing’ out to make room for my felting design of the tree trunk wrap branches.

block draft notes block draft pattern draft


Checking the shape & fit on the mannequin.

patt fit bk pat fit


SHRINK RATES!!!! This is felting!! Depending on your fibres, they shrink different amounts. I’m using a pre-felt base so I know I have an average shrink rate of 35%. This added length & width is added from a mid point on the pattern & radiate outs. The green lines are base size (finished), & red lines are enlarged size by 35%. This is my work piece for laying out the felt & keeping it to the pattern so it fits the body. Maths…ahhhhhhhh does my head in, but it has to be done…..I like practical maths, at least I can see what is happening! (calculator is well used)

shrink rates 2 shrink 1 shrink




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