6: Gloves with Battery pack pockets…..

As the ‘Common Threads’  competitions main theme is Illumination.….we have to add lights!!! What a challenge. I searched the wonderful web……LED…….tiny……..WOW, so much lighting out there!!! But I needed something small, but powerful. As much as I love fairy lights, the ‘water wings’ need to be back lit, silk painting looks amazing with light shining through it.

Finally a company in America called ‘Fright Props’, what a cool shop, lots of freaky horror stuff, but the lighting section….totally awesome, as prop people like lights to be hidden. Ordered 10 Nano LED spot lights 12V , bare wires at the ends…..(Had to learn what volts were too!!!)

Setup: After felting outside for most of the hot day yesterday….I was looking forward to sewing inside, in the cool. Bush Flower Essence Space Clearing Mist cleared the room……Called & Welcomed the Elementals, loved ones lost & powerful ones…… to guard & empower my creative space.  “Walkabout” card…..showing me to get outside more, gosh wasn’t 12 hrs enough yesterday!!! But also relates to full connections to our Mother Earth & stopping & listening to her, I need that as I’m creating the top of the Waterfall today.

1rejuvinate oil 2walkabout card 3card spread


The ideas, & where to put 12v of AA batteries (8)….. has been going around in my head for months. Gloves are made of cotton lycra so will be super tight, the battery packs will not move if held down tight. Plus thats were I want the lights to come from.

The gloves are seperate from the dress, so can’t have batteries on the dress with ugly wires traveling to the gloves…..the longer the wire, the dimmer the LED. (I’m learning every day)

All my side fabric when painting my outlined pattern pieces on silk, are painted with the left over dye so I don’t waste it….so great to have matching fabric around when it’s hand painted!!! I know every sewer has boxes & boxes of little pieces & strips, the “just what I needed” box. Essential when creating.

Sketch plan below with the tiny LED on the page,  sketched Left & Right glove together, one arm will have the Crown LED & the other the dress LED. Both will have 3 x LED’s shining down the back of the waterfall & 1 x LED pointing down the arm to finger tips. This will all be stitched onto a felt piece that looks like mystical roots, plants, & vines that will hide the battery box in the pocket, but still be accessible to change the batteries.

Cut & stitch, using a ball point needle, a 3D shaped pocket for the battery packs. Perfect sizing to finish just before the elbow bend……need to ben & move your arms to get full effect from the waterfall…..

All the wires are covered with bias cut hand painted silk. I had to label all the wire pieces as it got confusing…..electronics…….I can do it!!!. The males in this family were & are wiz kids at it…….hope I can tap into the left side of my brain today.

I’ve stepped outside many times today to get grounded after fiddling with electronics …….the “Walkabout” card……so that’s why……..bare feet-ground, bring it on!!!!


glove notes glove1 glove3


Bias strips with green silk are first stitched then turned through with wire, encasing it. I spiralled it around a chop stick as it’s quite strong, then slipped the LED lead through the spiral. This can now be bent to direct the LED beam of light, & looks like a vine climbing a stick.

wire1 wire2 wire3


While in the bias stitching mode.…it can be repetitive……I continued with the water silk ones……as below…..good to be prepared with all the elements when putting your piece together, then you can FOCUS……& CREATE.

Water with fabric: Over 20 bias strips are all stitched while stretching, so your thread doesn’t snap when turning through. Woven fabric cut on the bias has a stretch as it’s diagonal through the cross grain. I love bias rouleau…….it hangs like soft tubular ribbon. Where can I put it???? I know!!! ……all stitched to the front of the water fall wings at the french seam joins, to take the ‘eye’ away from the seams…..a distraction.

Winding bobbins as you sew, saves time!!!!

bias glove2




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