8: Upper arm, Macro Moss, + LED lighting


The gloves continue with moss…… What better than moss at the top of a water fall….. Delving into the macro world is on my favourite to do list. I carry a pocket microscope with me on all bush walks……If you place your iPhone over the top you can take microscopic images, awesome!!!! The red stem moss completely captured me, again it’s the colour & unusual stems with a tuft of green at the top….as I’m entering in the colour category of this competition, that visual excites the senses, & will pop out amongst a very aqua/green area of the piece.

moss 2jpg Moss1 moss red stem


The Ocean Card today……I just love how it flows with all my bias rouleau strands, beautiful to me. It’s a hot  40degC & unbelievably humid, I love the heat….but the humidity really makes me feel nauseous, like sea sickness.  “Surrender” is the word for this card….turbulence, waves, changes, feeling pulled, quickly moving situations….yes i totally feel the speed as the days count down to the finish line.

I could really do with reviving dip in the ocean, but I live one & a half hours away from it. I’ve been totally attracted to this essential oil mix to get me feeling like “I’ve had a dip in the ocean”……. Epsom salt bath tonight indeed…..

ocean cardrejuvinate


Template & patterns are made for the upper arm felted section. The wood block (thanks to my darling husband having left over decking pieces, see….it pays to keep your scraps!!!)

This is to mimic the size of the battery packs for the lighting, the felt will be folded over it. As the pieces are small & thinner (less wool) I’m doing a 30% shrinkage rate. A left & right side are made so I can keep them looking even while creating them.

1 wood block 2 wood block 3 wood block


Pre-felt, wool & Nepps, are played over the pattern shapes. The pre felt has turned out to be a great way to start a piece…..as you cut it to shape. Layering all the colours I can see in the macro moss image with some aqua at the back for watery look, & two get a defined front & back. The long strands will turn into fine roots hanging from the upper arms. The nepps are those little lumpy pale aqua wool bits, to add some variance & texture like the little pale leaves in the moss images above.


pattern pre felt pattern lay 2 lay wool texture


Adding colours & textures to the moss, & creating the stems is exciting!! Carrying the vision of the watery moss, looking inward, listening…… & laying it down with the fibres.

The tips of the stems have a green floppy section in the macro image at the top of this post. the Leicester curly wool gets felted in to resemble that aspect. It so cool that Leicester wool, it doesn’t shrink & stays all curly, just like an 80’s perm……

3 lay colours red stem top red stems


Attaching the stems to the moss has to be done while the moss felt is still in a ‘pre-felt’ state. I believe wool has moods, I like to get to know my materials like this….it helps me to form a relationship with it so I can understand how to work with it.

Leaving a fluffy section at the thick end of the stem, cut a hole in the moss felt & poke it through. The fluffy end is what attaches to the under side to keep it standing… you can see on the middle image, it felted well.

I took the moss felt too far on the image on the right…..you can see that it did not attach to the under side & went all lumpy, exposing the wire…….ahhhhhhhh annoying!!!!! That means that I now have to stitch around it to hold it in place. You won’t notice from the top…..but while sewing it, the needle hit the wire, broke in 1/2 & threw my machine out of sync…….it still sews ok, just sounds clunky. technician will be called. Left nostril yoga breathing to calm myself…….


red stem attach  workedworked not


Standing the stems & fulling in the left pic, making sure that the stems are in place firmly attached & standing tall with Leicester wool all fluffy at the top. stretching the dreads, moss roots, to get them strong & felted well.

Setting the shape, in the right pic of the moss on the wooden template blocks. The wool remembers what to do when it’s dry. Looking quite alien all spread out like that, but it will all hang down as fringing roots.

stems in the pair

I went with the flow, as suggested by the “Ocean” card……..I recovered the piece…..The end result was achieved, with out effecting the design, looking balanced for both arms……phew…… breathe in….breathe out…….let it go move on.


STITCHING IN  THE LED LIGHTING                                                

The “Death Adder” Card selected today,  FAR OUT!!!!!…..but when I realised that it was STRATEGY ….i took notice & pulled my  thoughts from panic to planned…….

These felt arm pieces that hide the battery boxes, plugs & wiring , hold all the LED lights, & get stitched to full length gloves….with out falling off, or slipping around the arm …….they were really starting to intimidating me. Lots of planning has been done, but correct timing & order of constructing in this part of the piece was crucial to it’s success.

The Death Adder card reading: “You must take the time to work out what strategies are needed to fulfil your ambitions & make sure you follow the plan you have worked out in order to get the results you are hoping for”  ………………  The anxiety slowly lifted & morphed into confidence, I tied my ‘communicate with the universe & otherworld ‘,  amulets on my receiving hand,  then meditated on the end result required to confirm my plan……………. with all the lighting wires through the wire coils….I begin to pin the pieces in to place……

death card left hand recieve pin wire


Using the wooden block template  ‘battery pack shape’ I curved the wire (inside the green bias strips) around the felted moss & over the shape to make a stand for the spring to hold the LED lighting wires up.There isn’t much room to manoeuvre, I single side zipper foot will get the stitching close to the wire. BANG ….. needle snapped as it hit the wire……..I was going so slowly, I had to stitch as much down as possible as it has to very firm as the lighting base.

bend wires broken close wire


It was a challenge to say the least.….two broken needles……but no garment damage!!! It looks alive & I had to wind my way in to the moss to get into the positions to comfortable sew short sections at a time.

Completed with both left & right looking balanced, one with a light standing up to shine on the Crown, the other a light with soft wire to run across the armhole to shine down the centre of the dress.

stitch wire 2sort wires


This awesome professional close up image is by Camille Walsh 


 close up small




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