9: The Grevillea Crown

The Beautiful Coral Grevillea…..has always fascinated me with it’s shape & colour variations within one stem, & it attracts all the most colourful honey eaters to it’s nectar. The Flower Essence of the Red Grevillea promotes independence & boldness, plus strength to move on if your feeling stuck……. Even though this is the Coral Grevillea I still feel as I sit under this tree, the boldness & independence energy. The way it blooms with such power at different stages along its’ stem. I wish for the wearer of this crown to also feel this vibration especially on the Brow & Crown Chakras.  I’m still riding the waves of the “Ocean card from the Dream Time Reading Cards…….it’s placed with the water element in my studio.


Grevilla 1


 Design versions of the Crown…I came up with a few……one spiralling up (the left image)…..another more head covering & spiking up….but came back to the classic Crown shape so the Grevillea curl spirals could Circle the Crown Chakra. The little drawing in the bottom right hand corner of my sketch, is my daughters, she’s 6yrs old….she wanted a LOVE heart somewhere on the crown….. Children “see”,  I really  tap into that freeness/freshness of vision & imagination……. it can be tiring being a grown up. :) so Centre front two spirals back to back as seen in the close up image on the right……. make a HEART shape.

Crown pattern 2 design sketchGrevilla 1


Colours….Orange is my favourite colour…..wearing it today, as Ive had to start the Crown inside,  t’s really windy, Im missing the sun & feeling cramped. Orange is my power colour when feeling run down, blue, or beige…… it brings me rising Sun energy when I look at it. A beautiful balance of red & yellow.

I was fortunate to find some dip dye, hand dyed marino tops that just looked like the coral variations found in the Grevillea. 35% Shrinkage was added to the pattern & ear positions also marked in as ringlet spiral dreadlocks will hang around the base.

1 colours 2 colour lay 3 colour


The Spirals around the top of the Crown need support to stand vertical & hold the curl. Adding wire into felt is tricky as the wool shrinks….I have figure out to turn it in at one end, this grips to the wool,  it shrinks down the straight end.  Much care is taken when rubbing, rolling & fulling to keep the wires in place & covered.

1 wires 2 wires 3 wires


Watch those wires while rubbing down, this can really slow down the process, but worth it in the end. In the far right image I am hand rolling the fine dreads & rounding the shape at the ear area so it shapes over the ear.

3 rub down 2 rub down 1 rub down


Half roll in one direction.….Being carful & keeping a close watch on the wires, plus the dread lock stems need to be 3D tubular not flat. To achieve a matted shrunk together look on the end I stitched them in before fulling to make them look solid, referring to the flower & seeking guidance from within as I go.

1 spiral 2 spiral 3 spiral


I’m outside, happy dance!!! All the elements are perfect for felting again….I feel so more creative out here for this process of fulling & shaping , being with the garden, birds & native bees.

The Crown has shrunk down the correct size to wrap around the head, I need it to be adjustable for any size  as it has to sit firm for the Competition, as the models are choreographed for dancing movements.  Using a massage ball I rub into a soft surface to make the lower part bowl & spread out, it’s pegged (I’ve had to collect every wooden peg in the house) I check the fit around the ears & shape to suit.

1 fulled 2 fulled shaping 3 fulled & pinched


Drying & shape setting outside in the sunshine…..getting infused with Sun energy, the felted wool fibres remember to hold the set positions as they dry. I stitched the centre front spiral stems (heart shape) together to hold them tightly as they set. The long skinny dreadlocks are curled into spirals, so they will form loose ringlets around the head.

1 setting 2 setting


Next day Stamen making, It’s a perfect sunny day again to be outside felting….thanks Elements…I call them in to guide me & create Circle, meditate on the Grevillea flower again seeing the stamens standing out & up from the crown base. Referring to  the image of the flower, I select the wool colours, yellow, white as a highlight, soft orange & a strong pink/red that I used in the crown base. to create a strong contrast, all of my stamens will be yellow & white with soft orange blending down on some of them.

1 elementsGrevilla 1


Cut wire to desired length, it must be really straight to be felted & stay inside the wool as you roll. I need them to be slim, so that’s an important stage of preparation.

Rolling with nylon curtaining helps to keep it all together on the wire & felt it quickly, soap & hot water is poured on, the end is folded over to make the tip & colours added & blended down the stamen.

2 production line3 wire straight rolling


10 stamens are felted & pinned into place to experiment with wire bending & shapes. as the wire does twist inside the felted stamen I had to bend it in a curve then out at 90degrees. it happily stayed in that position creating design feature around the crown.

tips bend to crown


8 more slimmer (lighter in weight) stamens are required to sit straight up from the crown. I felted these with a green leaf shape at the end as they will attach to the back of the spirals around the crown.

A raw clear quartz is wrapped with hemp string & hung over the Brow Chakra window. It is now complete….with a spiral broach to hold it together at the Centre Back, Completely adjustable. I’ll have to test how stable it is on the head with movement….a cotton lycra skin coloured chin strap might be required.


sewing on inside stamen outer stamen

The Completed Crown, essence of Grevillea  on the beautiful & bold ‘Grace’……

Gorgeous photo studio image below by the talented & Blue Mountains local……. Camille Walsh. 


Crown 2