Common Threads, Wearable Art Show 2016

I’ve only just started creating again…..& blogging is brand new for me too, motivated by this Competition to use blogging as an Art Journal.

In mid November my friend Vanessa, (who had never seen my creations before)  a textile teacher & facilitator of Context Art in the Blue Mountains. Came along to a local Art show to see my latest wearable Art piece….. she sent me the details about this competition…….so here I am……on a mission… express my love of Nature, Spirals, & healing energies of natural fibres, crystals, furs & skins…….with an important date to complete a piece for an amazing looking stage production. Let the fun begin.



Overall Theme: Illumination….I resonate with the Spiritual illumination of connection to self & place……..Nature Spirits, colour vibrations in the silk & using tinny LED lights to illuminate the silk from behind to make it glow & shimmer like a waterfall. The lights will also create shadows of the felted forms.

Selected Category: Colour Palette……natures palette is so attractive, it naturally blends & compliments, it also has many subtle colours if you take the time to study it…..close up, I even use a pocket microscope to see what is hidden, other worlds. Starting with a blank canvas of flat natural silk, Wool roving, & feral animal skins…… my imagination can run with texture & colour mixing & stitching it into a 3D form…..Colour has the power to change your mind & mood through waves into your eyes, many emotions can be brought on or enhanced.

Imagination of piece:  I hope to bring many moods of excitement, movement, contemplation & Spirit into the garment. The colours for the dress section will be an enhanced chakra tree trunk, with bright orange & yellow fungi to contrast.

Colours of the waterfall wings aqua, soothing & cool, with radical coloured fantasy grasses & micro moss plants bought to a larger scale.

The Crown is coral colours from the native Grevillea flower.

Leg chaps…feral Cane Toad, & rabbit skins: using what would be waist from butcher meat supply & eradication programs. I wish to bring awareness of the damage feral animals are causing to our native species & landscapes.

Inspiration: Spiritual Connection to elements of place……..Colour vibrations/healing…. bushland….nature…flowers….growth spirals….Fibonacci Spirals are everywhere ……..using & infusing the essence of my chosen  flora…..Native nature/animal conservation Spirits…..Fungi…..Elementals….supporting the eradication of feral animals in Australia……using those resources for skins & furs, honouring that animals life while saving the lives of Australian Native species, many of those on the endangered list.



Silk satin hand drawn with Soy wax gutta & painted with fibre reactive dyes.

Starting with the Waterfall wings….water drop shapes & salt resist to create the illusion of running water.

IMG_9804spiral diagram


The Fibonacci Spiral at the base to represent water feeding life, these Spirals are found all through nature, we are even spiralling through the universe around our Sun. In the Southern hemisphere we Spiral to the left, ‘Sun Wise’….In the Northern Hemisphere, to the right, the vines grow this way, the bark on trees…..even our hair on our head grows in this spiral direction depending where you were born. Spirals are an ancient powerful symbol of life.

When the spirals are stitched together, the flow of the silk satin with arms raised & forward movements will flow & lift.

Wash & dry silk first as it is filled with finishes that inhibit dye from reaching the fibre.



Pin silk to frame stretching as you go. Using an organic tool of metal & wood, a Djanting, & natural soy wax…. beautiful being able to work outside on the deck as the frames are long. 2.5mtrs & my new one is 3mtrs.  I bring in the Nature Elementals to assist me on my journey.







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