7: Throat Chakra Neck Piece

This dress is low neck halter, the throat Chakra is a free standing neck piece, off the garment. I had felted this piece when making the dress to keep in the flow of the chakras to make them all look fairly equal. The Nuno felting fabric used is silk organza.

Stitching 6 of the many bias ties I’ve previously…. made to resemble water….. to the back of the neck Chakra felt……then to hide all that stitching & to make it soft to wear (the wool fibres coming through the silk are scratchy on the neck) I will cover it with soft silk satin from the left over hand painted pieces.

The Throat Chakra & Sacral chakras are both centres of creativity, but the throat is higher creativity & resonates with the sounds made by our vocal cords. The liquid water colour blue…….

The ties will be really long so they can hang down the dress….water trickling down the tree trunk. On the design/fashion side of things, it also adds length to the body, as it leads the eye down, down to the fungi garden skirt. Plus great contrast with the dark dress felt.

back stitch design template


Template placed on to the silk, cut, then gathered to pull it in around the stiff cardboard. Iron it flat & machine stitch on making sure all the ties are evenly placed.

cut template gather temp sew patch


Adjustable slider is made by stitching a loop very tightly & closely around all the ties, I use a one sided zipper foot to get really close to the loop, leaving these long as well for more dripping water effect. I will hide the stitching with some embellishment later on.

1sew 2 sewback slide


Water streaming down the dress over the fungi, from the throat chakra neck piece. Clear quartz & Aquamarine semi-precious stones are stitched on to the chakra spiral to support & enhance the throat, adding shimmer & hiding the machine stitching. Swarovski Crystal beads are stitched, onto the hanging ribbons that are threaded through the halter strap area of the dress.

trickle watersew stones thread thru

The neck piece is complete. 

crystal tips finished into dress



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