1. Silk dye elixer & painting

Using fibre reactive dyes are vibrant, cold water & non toxic…..mixing & measuring to ensure colours match from batch to batch & to mix a volume that is correct to the fabric weight. Once the dye is mixed with the salts & soda’s it has 1hr of activity, so planning ahead & clear set up is essential. It’s best not to move the fabric too much as the soy wax is delicate & can crack…which is what true Batik is all about. I would like to create a clear defined line. ┬áChallenging……..

Recipe guideIMG_0084IMG_0057


I mix pure colours in the jars & do most of the colour mixing on the fabric, I love watching the ways they blend together & how you can push them around with water, salts & colour adding. Pure magic

resist salts IMG_0041IMG_0040


A delay with one fabric length...realising that i had only washed this once, by hand…..it definitely effected the way it handled the dyes……this slowed me down as I had to paint both sides of the fabric. In the image below you can see the faded side…..when the fabric is washed thoroughly the dye absorbs all the way through. The design requires both sides to be vibrant….as it hangs from the full length gloves. Problem solved in the end……. Hooray!!

IMG_0043 IMG_0062


Painting the cotton lycra for the gloves…..I love the way the colours blend as it soaks in. These will hold the Waterfalls & the River grass…….next in the making.

IMG_0058 IMG_0061


Got the first three dried on the line……started the next three, finished the water sections……. Then the sky clouded over (image is colour…looks B&W!) & it rained…& rained & poured with rained….for days…moving in doors to cut & sew. Perfect timing really. My daughter selected a Louise L Hay card for me, she can’t read yet…It’s perfect, kids feel vibrations so strongly, she strengthens me……“My thoughts are creative” It’s my Mantra for the next few weeks.



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